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I constantly struggle to not over purchase items for my home. Okay, I admit I have a retail addiction! However, I believe I have found a nice balance between buying "stuff" and buying items that pack a little more purposeful punch. I'm happy to share ways that I have harmonized my love of shopping with my lifetime organization hobby.

  • Nursery Organization

This project came in very handy whenever we had my mother or a close friend or relative caring for our son either while we were out of even as they helped out while we were home. This drawer tower fit perfectly in his closet. As an added bonus, I purchased it on sale at Costco! These drawer units are ALWAYS on sale at Canadian Tire, and Michael's. The chalkboard labels are from Staples and the chalkboard pen is from Michael's. You can see the finished nursery on my Pinterest page here. The drawers have evolved now that Bronson is a pre-schooler but are still essential to his room. They store Build a Bear clothing, soft-covered books, bedtime pull-ups and the always on-hand WIPES!

We were very fortunate to receive and abundance of baby clothes in different sizes when Bronson was born. I made these clothing dividers from the adhesive foam crafts available at Michael's. I later made a hockey version for a friend as well. Very easy, 1 hour project. 

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