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Belle vie

This page is a curation of all things frivolous that I fancy. I have attempted to keep my selection somewhat purposeful for your home and work. Who says practical can't be beautiful right?
The items I have chosen work well as a gift guide, especially for hostesses or housewarmings. 

  • Dinnerwear

This collection is forever on my wishlist. It has a nostalgic feel and reminds me of something Sophia Lauren would have in a summer tuscan villa. If I ever own my dream cottage, I will be stocking it with this dream dinnerwear. Then again, anything from Canvas Home would make my day!

  • Flatwear

That's right, this is one of my highly sought-after items; a flatwear set from Target for 19.99! You see here in Canada we only had Target stores for a few months. I checked weekly for this set but it never arrived. So now I just can't (yet) justify paying Duties, Taxes and shipping for flatwear. 

  • Baking

I still regret not purchasing this when I saw it in a shop window in Paris. I haven't found anything similar or as beautiful since. They come in multiple sizes and with various impressions, from regal to whimsical. Okay, I only cook a pie once every two years but maybe if I had one of these rolling pins I would be inspired to pie-it-up more often!

  • Pouring

Drink dispenser are so popular right now and I think this stone version would be a conversation piece in any home. It also makes a great gift idea for the hard to buy for gentlemen out there. 


  1. The rolling pin is amazing. So pretty..time for another trip to France?

  2. I agree Charity, it's a completely rational reason to go back!